Sunday, January 12, 2020

Three art quilts

I did a small quilt as a sampler doing fabric origami using mostly Stonehenge fabrics by Northcutt. I put a button in the center of most of them rather than sewing that down. 

This was a kit but I changed a few of the fabrics. I did the quilting with monofilament so that it would not interfere with the colors of fabric.
This quilt is titled: 1+2=Qi. It is a reference to the Chinese theory that 1 is the Tao, 2 is yin and yang or opposites, and 3 is movement between the opposites (energy). And I like dragons;) I beaded the two circular centers of the yin/yang symbol. 

Thursday, January 9, 2020

Autumn Fall

One of my favorite quilts that I made. It was finished in 2012. The center leaves were fused fabric that I painted with acrylic paints and curled until dry. The colors look a little faded in this picture. I put some silver glitter at a few places to look like ice forming on the leaves. There is a crocheted worm eating the holes in the leaves.

Friday, January 3, 2020



A marmalade cat named Merlin
Sits by his dish not purrin’
He knows most certain it’s time
Definitely he’s going to dine
Just get those people to feed him

He dances around
With feet on the ground
At the top of his lungs, he’s yowling
His tail is held high, demanding
But certainly he loves the sound

He yowls in the morning
He yowls in the evening
It’s more than a hunch
He’s ready for lunch
It’s definitely time for a feeding

Pacing around to and fro
Crying with great gusto
Finally his dude will act
Open a can that’s packed
Food put on his plate just so

Oh, what a treat
Chicken or beef
Maybe there’s tuna today
Whether it’s stew or puree
Whatever it is, let’s eat

View from backyard

Great view of my backyard from the deck.

First ever post

First post ever.
This quilt's pattern "Circular Fascination" by Cheryl Malkowski. I made this in a class and finished the top in just a month. But it took a couple years to get it quilted. Won third place in this year's quilt show here in town. I named this quilt "Stars to Light the Way".